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Anomaly -- Hard to spell. Easy to use.
About Anomaly

Anomaly.org is the personal web site of Debbie Campbell and G. Wade Johnson, a husband and wife team from Houston, Texas.


Why Anomaly

Webster's defines an anomaly as something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified. That pretty much sums us up!


About Debbie Campbell

With a background in electrical engineering, technical writing, and adult education, Debbie's work life revolves around building and maintaining web sites, developing web content, writing, and teaching ESL. Debbie is also the proud mom of four "kids," three of which just happen to be furry.


About G. Wade Johnson

With credentials in electrical engineering and computer science, Wade's current passions are programming, reading, and renaissance and medieval swordsmanship. Wade is also the proud father of several programming projects, one little homo sapiens, and several house rabbits.




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