G. Wade Johnson
Houston, Texas

Background Summary

A senior programmer with over ten years of experience in the software development industry. Strengths include analysis, problem solving, innovation, and research. Reputation as an information resource and for solving challenging problems, incorporating new technologies, and increasing efficiency.

Technical Skills

  • C and C++
  • Perl
  • Java
  • XML and related technologies
  • Apache/mod_perl development
  • Object Oriented Development

Professional Experience

JP Morgan Chase & Co., Houston, Texas 2004-2005
A leading global financial services firm with operations in more than 50 countries.

Maintained and enhanced server software in C++ and Perl.
  • Enhanced a SOAP-based web service, written in C++, that provides financial calculations for investment banking decisions.
  • Developed a standalone server launching program in C++ to unify approaches used on several legacy servers.
  • Spearheaded an effort to specify C++ coding standards for the market risk technology group.
  • Analyzed and modified legacy Perl server applications to correct reported problems.

Auto-trol Technology, Houston, Texas 2004
A major developer and integrator of information, process, and network asset management software.

[Software] Engineer
Maintained and enhanced Java servlet-based software.
  • Updated and created UML diagrams for enhancements to web application software.
  • Updated and enhanced JUnit tests for web application software.
  • Performed technical reviews of change requests.

Ealanta Software, LLC, League City, Texas 2003
A consulting firm providing programming and support to ABB Network Management.

Software Engineer
Contracted to develop software for an SVG-based web interface for a SCADA/EMS system.
  • Developed a Batik-based applet for displaying dynamic data in SVG.
  • Designed an XML-based system to dynamically configure the look of the applet.
  • Developed a server which supplied data to the applet using Tomcat, servlets, and Oracle.

Bluware, Inc., Houston, Texas 2002
An I.T. consulting firm providing individual contractors and corporate project teams to a variety of industries.

Provided troubleshooting, development, and design support for Telescan, Inc.

Telescan, Inc., Houston, Texas 1994-2002
A software development firm providing financial content and analytical tools for individual investors and numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Senior Host Developer
Designed, developed, and enhanced web-based and client/server investment information systems. Initiated internal projects to improve efficiency of software development and operations.
  • Increased customer-perceived stability in online systems through change control and a staged release system, reducing outages by as much as a factor of ten.
  • Increased efficiency of development staff through creation of debugging and developer support tools. In one case, one of these debugging tools found a flaw in half a day that had eluded the programmer for two weeks.
  • Developed a protocol converter in 11 days that allowed conversion of server software to Windows NT-based TCP/IP from DOS-based X.25 protocol. Saved the cost of rewriting client software and reshipping to thousands of customers.
  • Developed a secure protocol to implement an authenticated virtual channel over HTTP for client companies to authorize users into our system. Software used by more than 20 financial websites developed for client companies.
  • Selected by management as technical lead for groups of 3-5 developers on two of the company's largest contracts.
  • Developed a website compiling technology that allowed the company to complete the largest contract in the company's history on time. This technology was later used to improve the productivity of our ASP development staff by more than a factor of two.
  • Developed a 3-tier XML-based system for providing online financial data, reducing reliance on legacy monolithic servers. The new servers are capable of staying up for months at a time instead of requiring daily reloads.
  • Developed an automated regression test tool for HTTP request-based servers, resulting in the ability to diagnose many problems in minutes leading to better confidence in live systems.
  • Provided technical expertise to other programmers on design, troubleshooting, languages, and protocols.
  • Trained approximately 50 entry-level and advanced programmers through formal classes and mentoring in Perl, Forth, C++, coding standards, design, object oriented programming, and software engineering concepts.


M. S. Computer Science, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 2000.
B. S. Electrical Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1987.

Additional Technical Skills

  • Web Design
  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Programmer Training/Mentoring
  • Windows NT Multithreading
  • MySQL
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Forth
  • Protocol Design
  • Language Design
  • Linux/UNIX
  • Configuration Management
  • Oracle
  • Java Servlets
  • Palm OS Development
  • Lisp