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G. Wade's Pilot

I've used a PalmOS-based PDA since July 1997. I wore out two Palm Pilot Professionals. I also used the Palm III upgrade board. I have experimented with the Palm VII for a former employer. My current Pilot is the Palm m515.

There are several applications that I find completely indispensable on my Pilot. Here are the ones I use the most.


TEAK - Time-Expense-Auto Keeper
Available from EB7, LLC., TEAK is a wonderful program for tracking time and other expenses. If you are a consultant, TEAK is definitely for you. I originally started using it to track the multiple projects I was working on for work.
Aportis Technologies distributes possibly my second most-used application. The standard todo list never quite made it for me. I tend to break down my normal todo lists into sub-lists and the standard application just didn't cut it. BrainForest handles this quite naturally. I also use it to store other forms of hierarchical data.
Kar Kare
Lee Golden distributed this program for keeping up with car maintenance. I have found it to be indispensable for tracking gas milage.
Password Store
stand alone, inc. distributes this handy little program that keeps all of your passwords encrypted on your Pilot, under one master password. The data is encrypted with a variation of the Blowfish algorithm.
TealPoint Software provides this Doc reader that I like. I have gone through several different readers before settling on this one.
Nth Lab distributes the RPN programmable calculator. As an old HP calculator user and Forth programmer, I have no problems with reverse polish notation. This calculator appears perfect for my needs.
Pilot DB is currently maintained by Marc Chalain. I use it to keep a list of my current books. In the past, I would often find an interesting book in a bookstore and find myself baffled about whether I already had it or not. That has not been a problem since I began carrying my book list.
Picture Logic
Keith Wolcott wrote this truly addictive little game. It will truly test your logic and deductive skills. I find it hard to put down every time I start it.


Linke Soft has produced a reasonable successor to the HackMaster application. I recently switched to X-Master for the beaming support.
Available from Deskfree Computing, SwitchHack is one of the most important Hacks on my Pilot. It allows easy switching between the last two applications and a pop-up menu that displays the last ten you have used. I find that I don't often have to go back to the application launcher since I added this hack.
TealPoint Software supplies this little hack that displays your graffiti on the screen as you write. Although I do not really look at it, I've noticed that this display adds just enough feedback to improve my graffiti dramatically.

There are, of course, many other applications on my Pilot. Some that stay and others that come and go. But, the list above pretty much covers the ones I use constantly.

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