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It is said that a craftsman is only as good as his (her) tools. Here is some information about the programming tools that I find useful.


CVS is a very effective version control system that I have used for years.

It appears that Ximbiot is now doing support for CVS. Many of the resources I have used in the past have either vanished or now redirect there.


Subversion was created to be a successor to CVS. It was designed to fix some of the things about CVS that annoyed many people (non-atomic commits, renaming or moving files, etc.) After using Subversion for quite a while, I've decided that I like it. I now use SVN exclusively on my own projects.


I use several editors depending on what I need at any given time, ranging from vi (it exists on every UNIX box I've ever touched) to Eclipse (it's not just for Java any more). Here's some information on some of the editors that I use.

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