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PilotFORTH Code

Neal Bridges has written an ANS Forth implementation for the USR Pilot called PilotFORTH. Since I program in Forth and own a PalmPilot, I decided to try it out.

These are some of the files I have created for PilotFORTH.

Standard Word Sets
core-ext.4th More words from the Core Extension word set 10/04/97
tools.4th A few words from the Tools word set 11/27/97
string.4th A complete implementation of the String extension word set 10/29/97
exceptn.4th The Exception and Exception Extension word sets. 10/04/97
Forth Utilities
basics.4th Some basic words I find useful. Most of the following files will depend on this one. 10/18/97
systrapu.4th These words were useful in creating SysTrap-based words. 10/18/97
cstrings.4th Words for dealing with counted strings.
Although for most of the nine years I have worked in Forth, people have been saying that counted strings are going out of style, I still find them useful.
strbuf.4th A string buffer based on words in LMI Forth.
Just the buffer support, no advanced string-handling (yet).
debug.4th Some debugging words my coworkers and I have found useful. 10/18/97
redefine.4th Generate a warning when a word is redefined. 10/18/97
pairs.4th Control structure defining words. 9/28/97
group.4th A non-standard exception-handling module which is more flexible than CATCH/THROW. 10/18/97
asciiz.4th Support for C-style nul-terminated strings. 10/18/97
cpairs.4th Compile-time extensions to the pairs module. 10/04/97
groupext.4th Extensions to the group module. 10/04/97
grpcatch.4th CATCH/THROW implemented on top of group. 10/04/97
gpairs.4th Group-aware extensions to the pairs module. 10/04/97
list.4th Support for dictionary-based linked lists. 10/18/97
time.4th Support for access to some of the Palm OS time functions. 10/17/97
profiler.4th Support for profiling Forth words. 10/18/97
PilotFORTH Serial Interface
serial.4th Forth words to interface with the PalmOS Serial API. 10/18/97
serconst.4th Constants for use with the PalmOS Serial API. 1/03/98
serialhi.4th Higher level interface to the PalmOS Serial API. 11/16/97
Archive files By popular demand, (one person requested it) I am providing all of the above files in a single zip file for those with slow FTP connections. 1/03/98 My implementations of various standard word sets. See Standard Word Sets above. 11/27/97 Files containing utilities and extensions written by myself and my coworkers. See Forth Utilities above 10/18/97 All of the serial interface routines. 1/03/98

Wade's PilotFORTH file history

  • 1/03/98 Corrected more mistakes in serconst.4th. Thanks again to Marcio Marchini for correcting my errors and donating the word 2or.
  • 12/03/97 Corrected some errors in serconst.4th. Thanks to Marcio Marchini for spotting my typos.
  • 11/27/97 Added functionality to standard wordsets
    • Added non-standard case-insensitive version of COMPARE to string.4th. ICOMPARE is needed for new words in tools.4th
    • Added [if] [else] and [then] to tools.4th. Tools.4th is now dependent on string.4th.
  • 11/16/97 Finally completed the high-level serial interface in serialhi.4th.
  • 10/29/97 Correction to cmove and cmove>. They did not clean up properly. Thanks to Robert Patten for the correction.
  • 10/18/97 Comments, reorganization, minor improvements, and a profiler.
    • Added new utility words to systrapu.4th, including some moved from serial.4th.
    • Updated the comments in list.4th, serial.4th, group.4th, and cstrings.4th.
    • Improved the zconstant and $zconstant definitions in asciiz.4th.
    • Modified redefine.4th to add support for 2constant and 2variable.
    • Added profiler.4th which supports profiling Forth words.
  • 10/17/97
    • Cleaned up the output of %s and %w
    • Created the SysTrap utilities to simplify my life using SysTrap.
    • The file time.4th supports access to some of the Palm OS time functions.
    • Completed testing the low-level serial routines.
  • 10/11/97
    • Completed SEARCH and rewrote COMPARE. String.4th now gives a full implementation of the String extension word set.
    • Corrected %s and %w, They should display the stack before waiting for an enter. (I knew they didn't look right.)
  • 10/05/97 Corrected bug in zconstant and $zconstant in asciiz.4th.
  • 10/04/97
    • Added list.4th moving @! and link, from basics to list.4th and adding other words.
    • Added key.regroup and friends to groupext.4th.
    • Added perform, +constant, and require to basics.4th.
    • Cleaned up dependencies between my files. I wasn't consistent in the way files depended on each other. Now the dependencies are explicit.
  • 10/03/97 Added new words
    • Added COMPARE to string.4th.
    • Added constants to asciiz.4th.
    • Added REQUIRE to basics.4th. (stolen from Perl)
  • 9/30/97 Cleanup and new files
    • Inlined some words in core-ext.4th which cleaned up the double return stack words some more.
    • Added completed versions of the files group.4th, groupext.4th, grpcatch.4th, and gpairs.4th.
  • 9/29/97 Bug fix and new files
    • Fixed a major bug in core-ext.4th. The words 2>r, 2r>, and 2r@ were horribly flawed. (Major brain cramp. Hope no one was injured using them.)
    • Added the files asciiz.4th, pairs.4th, and cpairs.4th.
    • Working on some other utility words which will appear here when I get the bugs ironed out.
  • 9/26/97 Cleanup and additions
    • Cleanup of tools.4th, string.4th, cstrings.4th, strbuf.4th to use char+ and chars where appropriate.
    • Added perform to basics.4th.
    • Added the file redefine.4th which redefines the defining words to detect the redefinition of words.
  • 9/21/97 Minor cleanup of exceptn.4th (thanks, Neal!) and temporary removal of systrap.4th
  • 9/20/97 Modified exceptn.4th after input from Neal Bridges.
  • 9/20/97 Corrected a bug in :noname in core-ext.4th and added exceptn.4th, debug.4th, and alpha version of systrap.4th.
  • 9/18/97 Original implementations.
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