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House Rabbits


Rabbits can be wonderful pets, but they're not for everyone. If you're considering getting a rabbit, or just need advice on a rabbit already under your care, we're glad you stopped by.

We belong to a local rescue group called Bunny Buddies. Sadly it's groups like ours who get the phone call when someone decides to "dump" an Easter present or the remains of an FFA project, or when a shelter needs help deciding which ones to put down because there are more bunnies than cages. There just aren't enough homes for them all.

The Adoption Option

If you decide that a bunny would be a welcome addition to your family, please consider adoption through your local shelter or rescue group.


Expert Advice
House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit
by Marinell Harriman

Available through local bookstores or Amazon.com.

In addition to the House Rabbit Handbook, pictured above, there are several excellent rabbit resources online:

  Quick Facts
  • In general, bunnies are not good pets for small children. They can be excellent pets for adults, though.

  • Bunnies in general are very clean and litter box train themselves. They don't smell unless you neglect their litter box.

  • Bunnies are not low maintenance pets. Most of the 150+ members of our rescue group are happy to do the homework it takes to be a good bunny parent.

  • Bunnies should be neutered for health and behavioral reasons.

  • Bunnies should live indoors, where they can be part of the family. In general, rabbits behave like a cross between a cat, a dog, and a toddler, although bunnies tend to be cleaner. For many reasons, placing them in a hutch outdoors borders on cruelty.
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